2016 Summer in the Field

Between bird nesting surveys in West Kelowna for an upcoming wind power farm, fish salvages for the gravel extraction in Pemberton and Fitzsimmons Creeks, and our ongoing monitoring and permitting commitments, summer field work was in full swing the past few months for Cascade!

A highlight of this field season was teaming up with Tom Barratt Ltd. to assess the trails and campgrounds of BC’s South Chilcotin Mountains Provincial Park (SCMPP).  Our work for BC Parks included hiking and biking through the scenic trails of the park to assess their current state, identify any issues and provide key recommendations.  As part of our assessment of trail use, our crew implemented several infrared motion-sensing cameras along trails throughout the park (check out our post, “SCMPP’s Unseen Trail Users”, to see the critters we found lurking right behind the usual trail users).

To assess the bear habitat at SCMPP campgrounds, Lori Homstol, our resident bear biologist, implemented an assessment regime that included taking stock of the vegetation available as bear food, as well as assessing sight lines for any potential approaching bears.  This allowed us to come up with a bear risk rating for each campground, so they can be managed to keep users, as well as grizzly and black bears as safe as possible.

Take a look at some field season photo highlights below.