SCMPP’s Unseen Trail Users

This past summer the Cascade team partnered up with Tom Barratt Ltd. Landscaping Architect to conduct a review of the campgrounds and trails in the South Chilcotin Mountain Provincial Park (SCMPP).

Located just north of Gold Bridge, BC, the SCMPP is a short (albeit bumpy) two-hour drive over the Hurley forest service road from Pemberton and boasts some of the most scenic mountain biking and hiking trails in the area. Its alpine trails and campgrounds are frequented by avid heli-bikers and hikers, but rarely seen are the Park’s oldest users.

As part of our assessment of trail and campground use, Cascade implemented several motion-sensing infrared cameras alongside trails throughout the SCMPP to determine who, and what, are the trails’ most frequent users. Although many of the photographs triggered by the motion sensor contained figures you might expect (mountain bikers, campers, squirrels) there were a surprising amount that captured snapshots of the Park’s less seen wildlife.

Check out the best shots of our trail cams below!