CFOW Biomonitoring Project

In 2015, Cascade and the Whistler Fisheries Stewardship Group (WFSG) were awarded an Environmental Legacy Fund grant from the Community Foundation of Whistler (CFOW) to support the section of the program related to streams and lakes. Fish, coastal tailed frog and beaver abundance were surveyed and water quality was assessed. Works were carried out by Cascade staff, the WFSG staff and seven volunteers. In addition, the grant allowed the Stewardship Group to purchase and install 5 temperature data loggers. In streams previously monitored with hand held thermometers.


The grant provided by the CFOW allowed the fish stewardship group to expand their monitoring program and improve the quality of the data collected and contributed to the Ecosystem Monitoring Project. Since the project is ongoing, it will contribute to the growing scientific database of environmental information available to the community.

The report provides the third year of data collection of the ongoing ecosystem monitoring project in the RMOW. It is important to continue the monitoring process in order to observe any changes in the ecosystem health. The data collected over time should help the RMOW protect the natural resources in Whistler as well as to help with decision making for future development within the municipality.