Wildlife Survey for IMAX Movie Superpower Dogs on Guideon Cirque

  • Google Earth image of the wildlife survey area at Guideon Cirque.

  • View of Guideon Cirque from the helicopter during the wildlife survey.

Recently Cascade was hired by the media production company Reel Water Productions to conduct a wildlife survey for the IMAX movie Superpower Dogs. The survey was conducted on Guideon Cirque in the East Van Horlick basin near Pemberton BC. The production company planned to trigger and film a Class 2 avalanche.  In order to ensure that no wildlife would be harmed or disturbed, an aerial wildlife survey of Guideon Cirque was required for the film permit. The wildlife species that could potentially occur in the Cirque were mountain goats and wolverine. On April 3, 2018, Cascade’s wildlife biologist Adrien Baudouin conducted the aerial survey of the Cirque in order to determine the potential presence of wildlife survey and to assess the available wildlife habitat. It was determined that the Guideon Cirque is unlikely to provide suitable habitat for mountain goats and wolverine. The risk of encountering wildlife in the Cirque is very low.