Old Forest Focus Project

Thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of Whistler Cascade is currently working with the Cheakamus Community Forest and its other partners, Bob Brett, B.A. Blackwell and Associates and Ecotrust, to identify, map and create a plan for protecting stands of old growth trees in the Whistler area.  Traditionally, logging companies have been bound to identifying 19% of a landscape unit as Old Growth Management Area (OGMA).  These are often identified in parks or protected areas, allowing the logging company to meet its OGMA requirements without losing any available timber for harvest.  The goal of the Old Forest Focus Project is to rethink this practice by identifying and protecting the stands of old trees most important to Whistler’s residents, businesses and visitors.  The Community Forest is currently leading a public consultation effort that seeks your input on this project, with the next information gathering session scheduled for early December.  For more information on the Community Forest, visit http://www.cheakamuscommunityforest.com/ and keep an eye on the local papers and our twitter feed for final event date, time and location information.