Introducing Remote Underwater Film and Photo Services

Cascade is pleased to announce the addition of a new piece of equipment and service for our valued current and future clients. We now own an OpenROV 2.7 Mini Observation Class ROV, a small remotely operated underwater vehicle with built in camera.  With the ROV CERG has the capacity to conduct underwater environmental assessments in lakes and near shore marine environments.


Features include:

  • 75 m depth capacity in seawater
  • Temperature capability of -10C  to +50C
  • Up to 2 hours of dive time
  • LED lighting for low-light environments (max. 180 lumens)
  • Red Scaling lasers (parallel, 10 cm separation)
  • Software controlled camera tilt (+/- 60 deg from center)

This ROV is small and light weight, making it easy to transport and operate.  This new service can offer a cost effective alternative to the use of snorkelers and divers.  Cascade recently used the ROV to assess the environmental conditions of a near shore marine environment in Howe Sound, Squamish, BC, before and after the site was used to film a scene for a prominent television show.  The ROV can be employed for a variety of applications.  It can be used to non-invasively document the presence and absence of aquatic flora and fauna, ground truth aquatic sediment and provide photo and video imagery of the condition of underwater structures such as docks and building pylons.