• Wedgemount Creek Independent Power Project


Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd. was retained in 2010 to conduct a biophysical inventory assessment of Wedgemount Creek. Cascade has conducted water quality monitoring, fish habitat, fish distribution and abundance surveys of the creek and of Wedgemount Lake as well as terrestrial ecology studies of the area surrounding the creek.


Project Type: Environmental Monitoring Services
Location: Whistler, BC, Canada
Client:Wedgemount Power Inc.
Contract Period: 2010 – 2012
Key Individuals Involved: Mike Nelson, Candace Rose Taylor, Ken McNamara, Vicki Legris, Kersti Vaino, and Adrien Baudouin

Project Description:

Wedgemount Power Inc. retained Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd. (Cascade) to conduct and compile fish, wildlife, and vegetation assessments as well as hydrological data. These studies were used to identify potential opportunities and constraints to development and be an indicator in the determination of project feasibility and potential development. The environmental assessment included documentation of all environmental field assessments that have been conducted to date on Wedgemount Creek and the surrounding area. The existing environmental conditions of the project are described and environmentally sensitive areas (ESA’s) and ecologically significant habitats are identified and delineated. Mitigation and compensation options are suggested for potential impacts of the project.


The project has been completed successfully and the Biophysical Inventory Assessment report has been submitted to the relevant government agencies for review.