• South Chilcotin Mountain Park


Tom Barratt Ltd. & Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd. were retained to carry out the South Chilcotin Mountains Facility Design Concept Plan. The Facility Design Concept Plan was deemed a high priority strategy in the implementation plan from the South Chilcotin Mountains Park and Big Creek Park Management Plan (final public review draft).


Project Type: Recreation Management & Master Plan
Location: Canada
Client: South Chilcotin Mountains Park (SCMP)
Contract Period: Summer 2016

Project Description:

South Chilcotin Mountains Park is a Provincial Park straddling the edge of the Coast Mountains and the Chilcotin plateau approximately 1.5 hours north of Pemberton, British Columbia. This relatively new park was previously a protected area, and before that was historically a ranching and mining area. The area has seen continued and expanding use as an important trail recreation area and sees use from Hikers, Equestrians, and Mountain Bikers and as such BC Parks required a facilities assessment and trails inventory to better plan for its management.

BC Parks retained Cascade Environmental Resource Group Ltd., in partnership with Tom Barratt Ltd. Landscape Architecture, in 2016 to conduct a full facilities assessment for the park. The team determined the types and levels of use for the trail network, trail heads, and campsites, including a full inventory of the campsites, trails, signage and float plane docks to document conditions, and make management recommendations for the future. Additionally a bear hazard assessment of the campsites and trails was completed to determine potential for grizzly bear impacts related to habitat, food, sightlines and any other potential for human-bear interactions within


The project was completed on schedule and the report and recommendations will be used in for planning and operations strategies for the long term management of the park. The project won a Canadian Society of Landscape Architects National Award and was described as ‘Amazing multi-disciplinary work on a monumental undertaking’