• Fitzsimmons Creek Gravel Removal Project


Developed a standardized methodology to remove gravel while providing environmental protection. Based on the Vedder River Model


Project Type: Environmental Monitoring Services
Location: Whistler, BC, Canada
Client: Resort Municipality of Whistler
Contract Period: 2010-2012
Key Individuals Involved: Dave Williamson, Mike Nelson, Candace Rose Taylor, Vicki Legris

Project Description:

The environmental management plan was created to be Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that can be used during all subsequent Fitzsimmons Creek gravel management operations. Standard and consistent terminology presented herein should be used by all future consulting firms that are involved in gravel management in Fitzsimmons Creek. The plan was prepared considering many different gravel extraction scenarios that may occur during gravel management. The scenarios are comprehensive to include varying intensities of gravel removal that can be used at different locations along the creek. Each scenario is paired with optimal fish salvage protocols and existing access points, while also considering special situations such as high creek flows. While acting as a pre-works planning tool, this environmental management plan can also be used as a quick reference during gravel extraction operations when conditions suddenly change. These tools are presented in the form of environmental checklists, quick reference guides, and emergency procedure guidelines specifically prepared for use during Fitzsimmons Creek gravel management operations.


The Fitzsimmons Creek Environmental Management Plan was accepted by the province and resulted in a 5 year Approval for gravel extraction works on the creek. The longest approval granted for such works in BC.