Edgar Flew The Coop!

Edgar, the Goshawk Brian and I rescued a couple of months ago, was in rehabilitation at the O.W.L. center in Delta. Edgar has now grown to adult size so it was time to release him back to the wild. A volunteer from O.W.L. brought Edgar along with his friend, a Cooper’s hawk, to Whistler on September 11.

As Edgar was found at the north end of the comfortably numb trail, we decided to release him near Wedgemount. The volunteer from O.W.L. put the cage down advising everyone not to stand too close to the front of the cage.
As soon as the cage was opened Edgar flew off and perched in the nearest tree. Edgar hung around there for a while then starting moving from tree to tree until it was no longer possible for us to see him. The Cooper’s hawk was released in Bayshore where it was originally rescued.